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Decrease Your Stress With These 7 Simple Habits

An organised desk

Is your desk a little cluttered? We’ve all been there. Desk organization is often difficult for many of us that work from home or at an office.

But the thing is though, a cluttered workspace can overwhelm & interrupt your train of thought, making it difficult to stay on task. Keeping a tidy desk is not only visually appealing, but it also leaves a good impression on coworkers and provides a better working environment.

So here are 7 desk organization tips and tricks to help you stay on top of work and find anything at any given time.

7 tips on how to organise your desk:

  • Use a letter tray to store active paperwork
    Label where everything goes and all your folders to make it easy to move working files to archived file storage when the time comes.

Letter tray with TOWER address labels

  • Color code all your files
    Separate files into different sections with colored file holders, file organizers, or sorters using colour dots. ???? For example: Red for marketing, Blue for sales, Yellow for creative/design & Green for reports.

Workspace organised with TOWER colour dots

  • Keep only urgent and relevant files on your desk
    Instead of leaving stacks of files on your desk, archive all your files regularly. Make sure you categorise folders in your filing cabinet for easy reference by labeling them.
    TOWER A4 filing label range
  • Neatly coil and label all your cables.
    This will help reduce the time spent looking for the right cable. Try our pen labels for a snuggly fit around your cables.

Neatly coiled cables

  • Go easy on the sticky notes
    As far as desk organisation goes, lining up your wall or PC with sticky notes and regarding everything as important is not helpful. Save those sticky notes for really urgent reminders, don’t use them as a to-do list.

Guys with sticker notes all over their bodies

  • Don’t go overboard with your personal stuff
    Your personal mementos make fun additions to your desk but too many can be a distraction. Save most of these for your social media feed.


  • Organise your desk regularly
    Keeping your desk organised is not a one-time thing. You need to create a schedule to clean up regularly, otherwise, your desk will clutter up again. Simply dedicate about 5 minutes each day to put stuff where it belongs.

Fortunately, once you’ve organised your desk once and have a system, you can easily keep up!


I am the organised one GIF



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