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Back To School Tips for Parents

School kids walking to school

The school vacations are coming to an end, and it’s time for kids to head back to school.

So, while the anticipation of returning to school after a long holiday may excite some, it may not excite others. If parents are calm, helpful, and comforting, their children will feel confident and capable.

Here are some tips to help reduce the stress of back-to-school for all parents out there:

  • Use a calendar
    Your children will be better prepared to go back to school when they can visualise when school will start again. Hang a calendar in their rooms, and let them mark off each day until schools open again.

Monthly planner with TOWER colour dots

You can use the Tower Colour Code Sheets – C10 stickers to colourfully mark off the calendar.

  • Introduce the bedtime routine early
    To help kids get back to the sleeping pattern they had before the school break, introduce the school sleep routine about 2 weeks before schools reopen.

    Add a reward chart as a great tool to help a child learn how to work towards achieving goals while being rewarded along the way.

         TOWER under the sea reward charts

  • Back-to-school shopping
    Start shopping for your kids back to school supplies as early as possible. Not only will this give you enough time to shop for the best deals, but it will also prevent the headaches and stress that come with last-minute shopping.


  • Label their stationery, bags, and clothing ahead of time
    Constantly replacing lost items is costly which is why you need to label all their belongings. This will also help the little ones to remember what belongs to them and make them more responsible for their belongings.

    Simplify the labelling process and get the school organiser pack which consists of iron on labels to mark their clothing, pen labels that won’t easily lift off on their stationery and waterproof labels that are dishwasher safe for their lunch boxes and bottles. Also mark their shoes with our water resistant shoe labels.TOWER back to school essentials


  • Prep their meals and lunches beforehand
    Prep the week’s meals over the weekend and label each container. This will not only save you time and stress in the mornings when there’s a lot to do, but will also help keep the family healthy and on a budget.

TOWER Freezer labels

  • Leave them reminder notes
    Add a little note to their lunch boxes or books to remind them of their extra mural activities.


  • Child after-school care
    Make sure an adult is available at home to supervise the kids after they return from school.

    For the older kids, hanging a chores chart on the fridge to remind them of their after-school to-do list might help with the chaos and teach them to be more responsible.

          TOWER unicorn chore chart






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